Bespoke Cut To Sizes Acrylic Sheet Perspex Sheet Any Size


Bespoke Cut To Sizes Acrylic Sheet Perspex Sheet Any Size

Our Clear Perspex acrylic is a versatile plastic sheet which is perfect for general fabrication purposes. As it is also a cheaper alternative to glass, Perspex acrylic sheet is also lightweight, impact resistant and easy to work with. Clear Perspex® acrylic sheets give excellent optical clarity, providing up to 92% light transmission, higher than most types of glass, making our clear plastic sheets an advantageous option for use in Photo Frame, windows or as a skylight.

  • Acrylic is shatter resistant, stronger and safer than glass
  • These are sawn cut panels
  • Premium clear cast acrylic sheet from Perspex which benefits from exceptional optical clarity, producing a crystal clear finish
  • This lightweight, durable, versatile material is available in an assortment of thicknesses and sizes
  • Acrylic is shatter resistant, stronger and safer than glass
  • Weather resistant
  • Easy to work with/fabricate
  • More Lightweight and impact resistant Uniform
  • Uniform thickness and smooth finish in display Clear impact resistance than glass
  • More Strong and durable
  • Better Chemical resistant
  • Can be used in Photo Framing, Windows or as a Skylight
  • Easy to clean & wash Lower moisture absorption rate
  • It is Up to 92% light transmission – higher than most traditional types of glass Sheet manufacturing process: Extruded Can be written on with a whiteboard marker pen
  • Supplied with protective film on both sides

Note: If you want any CUSTOM SIZE or if you couldn’t find the size of your choice at above size menu than please put your order on CUSTOM ORDER on our website on main page you can also contact us by instant WHATSAPP.

Bespoke Cut To Sizes Acrylic Sheet Perspex Sheet Any Size

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Inbox Any Custom Sizes Quote, 380mm x 145mm, 462mm x 325mm, 43.5cm x 22cm, 46cm x 64cm, 50cm x 50cm, 84cm x 48cm, 700mm x 320mm, 540mm x 560mm, 540mm x 570mm, 330mm x 460mm, 330mm x 460mm, 60.5cm x 53.5cm, 570mm x 300mm, 28cm x 30cm, 540mm x 356mm, 460mm x 620mm, 795mm x 320mm, 350mm x 560mm, 68.5cm x 51cm, 100cm x 40cm, 57 cm x 34 cm, 61cm x 34cm, 270mm by 430mm, 410mm x 415mm, 25'' x 19'', 45cm x 57cm, 600mmX460mm, 400mm x 480mm, 33cm x 73cm, 70cm x 40cm, 610mm x 455mm, 45cm x 39cm, 580mm x 700mm, 675mm x 180mm, 205mm x 412mm, 675mm x 180mm, 352mm x 280mm, 45.5 cm x 61cm, 12'' x 28'', 45.5 cm x 61cm, 220mm X 250mm, 37cm x 14cm, 97cm x 37cm, 400mm x 468mm, 822mm x 452mm, 43cm x 30cm, 175mm x 125mm, 70cm x 50cm, 85mm x 130mm, 39cm x 34cm, 130mm x 35mm, 130mm x 42mm, 140mm x 42mm, 420mm x 465mm, 14cm x 19cm, 600mm x 900mm, 634mm x 524mm, 530mm x 530mm, 400mm x 530mm, 570mm x 530mm, 680mm x 380mm, 588mm x 768mm, 53cm x 48cm, 75cm x 49cm, 74cm x 49cm, 56cm x 46cm, 71cms x 55.5cm, 53cm x 54cm, 67cm x 67cm, 370cm x 605cm, 22,5cm x22,5cm, 48cm x 48cm, 518mm x 728mm, 225mm x 225mm, 29cm x 59cm, 42cmx38cm, 52cm x 46cm, 460mm x 615mm, 37cm x 55cm, 335mm x 150mm, 74cm x 44cm

Sheet Thickness

1mm, 1.2mm, 2mm, 3mm


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