Cut To Bespoke Sizes of Photo Frames Pictures Poster Frames With Acrylic Glass


  • These Frames are made to order in UK Based Factory Highly Skilled picture framers and best picture Framing Machines.
  • Picture Frame is measured from the back and internally, all sizes given are the internal size of the frame.
  • These Frames are Perfect use for Special Gifts.
  • If you do not see the size you require please send us a message we will make for you any Custom Size or Just fill the form on our Website to click on CUSTOM ORDER on main page of our website we will make for you.
  • Our Frames can be Hang Horizontal and Vertical.
  • Our Frames are fitted with Acrylic Glass on the front & Backing board too.
  • Our Frame includes Wall hanging hooks/clip / high-quality MDF backing board.
  • All Frames are fitted with high clarity shatterproof safety Perspex front which has the same clarity as glass. To prevent scratches the front comes wrapped in a protective film please remove this film from both sides of the Perspex front.

Inbox Any Custom Sizes Quote, 20cm x 35cm, 20cm x 45cm, 20cm x 55cm, 70cm x 24cm, 61cm x 47cm, 92cm x 23cm, 838mm x 825mm, 34.5cm x 94.5cm, 75cm x 35cm, 46cm x 64cm, 43.5cm x 22cm, 820mm x 390mm, 95cm x 36cm, 95cm x 40cm, 16'' x 8'', 16'' x 10'', 540mm x 356mm, 37cm x 68cm, 60cm x 30cm, 70cm x 42cm, 33cm x 73cm, 70cm x 40cm, 55cm x 17.5cm, 82cm x 32cm, 580mm x 700mm, 205mm x 412mm, 70cm x 45cm, 58 x 32 cm, 48cm x 100cm, 27'' x 20'', 33'' x 26'', 42cm x 54cm, 30cm x 40cm, 400mm x 468mm, 29cm x 60cm, 57cm x 47cm, 35cm x 90cm, 40cm x 87cm, 62cm x 33cm, 40cm x 63cm, 21.5cm x 30cm, 25cm x 50cm, 74cm x 24cm, 30.5cm x 87cm, 85cm x 35cm, 68cm x 48cm, 600mm x 385mm, 500mm x 230mm, 85cm x 60cm, 570mm x 390mm, 15'' x 10'', 53cm x 38cm, 240mm x 337mm, 38.5'' x 13'', 253mm x 353mm, 460mm x 615mm, 345mm x 247mm


Black, White, Silver, Mahogany, Oak, Dark Oak, Pine, Beech

3 reviews for Cut To Bespoke Sizes of Photo Frames Pictures Poster Frames With Acrylic Glass

  1. Chalkperson157 (verified owner)

    Very professional workmanship! Sizes are very exact and delivery is great with excellent product packaging! Will use them again!

    • Product Admin

      Hope to Deal With you again near future. Thanks for business

  2. Ian White (verified owner)

    Another item cut to my exact requirements and despatched very quickly! Most pleased!

  3. Product Admin

    Thanks for your business with us

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